News 12 June

est. 1995

The Athens Institute
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Dr. Eliza Gardiner (Professor, Vancouver Island University, Canada) has accepted the offer
from the Athens Institute to serve as the next Deputy Head (Section: Theatre) of the
 Arts & Culture Unit

Dr. Gardiner teaches theatre history, public speaking and applied theatre. Eliza’s scholarly focus on fifth century Attic tragedy has evolved into research of arts-based teaching practices, participatory theatre methodologies, and socio-political Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. A commissioned playwright and director with 20 years’ experience, Eliza owned and operated Red Room Studio children’s theatre company, is inspired by her regular summertime gig at Shambhala Music Festival, and is current General Manager of Nanaimo’s professional theatre company, TheatreOne. Eliza has presented at the Arts and Humanities Colloquium on “The Power of Indigenous Theatre”, is past VIU United Way Campaign Associate, and is current chair of VIUFA’s Human Rights and International Solidarity Committee.

As the Deputy Head, Dr Gardiner will collaborate with the Director of the Arts, Humanities and Education Division (Dr. David Philip Wick, Retired Professor of History, Gordon College, USA), the Head of the Unit (Dr. Ori Soltes, Professor, Georgetown University, USA) and the second Deputy Head (Dr. Peter Walther Baur, Associate Professor, University of Johannesburg, South Africa) in the organization of all the conferences (small symposiums) organized by the Arts & Culture Unit. She will also serve as associate editor of the Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts.

Dr. Gregory T. Papanikos, President of the Athens Institute, Dr. Wick, Dr. Gardiner in her new capacity, and Dr. Baur (from left to right) had a meeting during the conference to discuss the future development of the unit and the journal.

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