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Professor Parisa Gazerani (Department of Life Sciences and Health, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway)
has accepted the offer from the Athens Institute to serve as the next Head of the Pharmaceutical Unit

Institut for Medicin og Sundhedsteknologi 
Parisa Gazerani

Dato: 17.01.18
Foto:  Lars Horn / Baghuset

Dr. Parisa Gazerani is a prominent researcher specializing in health, pharmacology, neuroscience, neuropharmacology, pain research, and translational medical research. Based in Norway (Professor, Department of Life Sciences and Health, Oslo Metropolitan University), she is actively involved in several research groups, including ADEPT, Design for Health, Medicines and Patient Safety, and Musculoskeletal Health. Her notable research projects include investigating the long-term consequences of co-occurrent pain

and psychological distress, developing intelligent gamified solutions and personalized vests for treating scoliosis in children and adolescents, and exploring factors affecting education and employment among young adults with persistent pain and psychological distress. Dr. Gazerani has published extensively, with recent works on topics such as social prescribing competence among pharmacists, the role of glial cells in pain processing, and the use of human brain organoids in migraine research. Her contributions to the field are significant, with publications in high-impact journals and collaborations on innovative projects aimed at improving patient outcomes. As the Head of Unit, Dr. Gazerani will be responsible for all the conferences (small symposiums) organized by the Pharmaceutical Unit. She will also serve as editor-in-chief of the Athens Journal of Pharmaceutics, which will be launched in 2026.

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