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Museum - Collection - Gallery
Archaeological Site - Ancient Monument
Byzantine Site - Byzantine Monument
Recent (after 1830) Monument - Architectural Ensemble

Prefecture of ATTICA
Ancient and Byzantine Monuments
Recent Monuments
1 Archaeological Museum of Vravron
2 Archaeological Museum of Poros
3 Archaeological Museum of Kythera
4 Archaeological Museum of Marathon
5 Archaeological Museum of Aigina
6 Archaeological Museum of Piraeus
7 Archaeological Museum of Eleusis
8 Archaeological Museum of Megara
9 Archaeological Museum of Oropos
10 Archaeological Museum of Aphaia Aigina
11 Archaeological Museum of Lavrion
12 Collection of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art of Kythera
13 Museum of Spetses
14 Hellenic Maritime Museum
15 The Goulandris Museum of Natural History
16 Mineralogical Museum of Lavrion
17 Gounaropoulos Museum of the Municipality of Zografou
18 Marika Kotopouli Museum
19 Spathareion Museum of the Shadow Theatre
20 Vorres Museum
21 Dimitris Pierides Museum of Contemporary Art
22 Municipal Gallery of Piraeus
23 Museum of P. Kountouriotis at Hydra
24 Zygomalas Museum (Aulon, Attica)
25 Telecommunications Museum
A1 Sanctuary of Poseidon on Poros
A2 Archaeological site of Vravron
A3 Archaeological site of Kolona on Aigina
A4 Archaeological site of Troizen
A5 Archaeological site of Thorikos
A6 Archaeological site of Aphaia on Aigina
A7 Sanctuary of Poseidon and Athena at Sounion
A8 Archaeological site of Amphiareion
A9 The Tumulus of Marathon
A10 Archaeological site of Rhamnous
A11 Archaeological site of Eleusis
A12 Archaeological site of Aigosthena
A13 Theagenes' Spring at Megara
A14 Archaeological site of Kythera
A15 Peania Cave
A16 Tholos tomb at Archanes
B1 The Kaisariani Monastery
B2 Omorphokklesia at Galatsi
B3 The Daphni Monastery
B4 The Asteriou Monastery
N1 First Naval Arsenal of Greece
N2 Kamariza Mining Industry in Lavrion
N3 Sotirios Anargiros Mansion
N4 Traditional Settlement of Hydra
N5 The Municipal Theater of Pireus


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