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Research Unit: Politics & International Affairs

Head: Dr. Ioannis Stivachtis (C.V.), Director, International Studies Program Virginia Tech - Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA.


Upcoming Annual International Conference of the Politics and International Affairs Research Unit:

(Information): 16-19 June 2014, 13th Annual International Conference on Politics and International Affairs, Athens, Greece

Other Conferences Sponsored by the Research Unit of Politics and International Affairs:

  1. (Information), 4-7 August 2014, Annual International Conference on Social Sciences.
  2. (Information), 19-22 December 2013, 7th Annual International City-Break Conference: Business and Society in a Global Economy. A cross-disciplinary conference hosted by the four Academic Divisions of the Athens Institute for Education and Research.
  3. (Information): 14-17 March April 2014, 7th Annual International Conference on Mediterranean Studies.
  4. (Information), 29-31 July and 1 August 2013, 11th Annual International Conference on History: From Ancient to Modern, Athens, Greece.



Publications of the Politics & International Affairs Research Unit: Click Here



Academic Members of the Politics & International Affairs Research Unit:


1.      Dr. Ilksoy Aslim (C.V.), Lecturer, Near East University, Cyprus.

2.      Dr. Viviane de Beaufort (C.V.), Professor, ESSEC Business School, France.

3.      Dr. Michael B. Bishku (C.V.), Professor, Augusta State University, USA.

4.      Ms. Eleni Christodoulou (C.V.), Ph.D. Student, University of Birmingham, U.K.

5.      Dr. Constantine P. Danopoulos (C.V.), Professor, San Hose University, USA.

6.      Dr. Rosita Dellios (C.V.), Associate Professor, Bond University, Australia.

7.    Ms. Ann Eldridge, Ph.D. Student, Birbeck College, University of London, U.K.

8.      Dr. Edwin Etieyibo (C.V.), Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

9.      Dr. Ronald James Ferguson (C.V.), Assistant Professor, Bond University, Australia.

10.  Dr. Saeed Forghany (C.V.), Researcher, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

11.  Dr. Shuqin Gao (C.V.), Senior Lecturer, Peking University, China.

12.  Dr. David Jervis (C.V.), Associate Professor, Marie Curie Sklodowska University, Poland.

13.  Dr. John Hasselberg (C.V.), Associate Professor, St. John's University, USA.

14.  Dr. Akis Kalaitzidis (C.V.), Assistant Professor, Central Missouri State University, USA.

15.  Dr. George Kaloudis (C.V.), Chair, Department of History, Law and Government, Rivier College, USA.

16.  Mr. Stergos Kaloudis (C.V.), Ph.D. Student, The Catholic University of America, USA.

17.  Ms. Maria Kyprianou (C.V.), Ph.D. Student, University of Leicester, U.K.

18.  Dr. Christianna Nichols Leahy (C.V.), Professor of Comparative Politics & Chair, Department of Political Science and International Studies, McDaniel College, USA.

19.  Dr. Pamela J. Lomelino (C.V.), Faculty Instructor, University of Colorado, USA.

20. Dr. Andrew Liaropoulos (C.V.), Research Analyst, Callaghan Center for the Study of Conflict, Swansea, U.K.

21.  Dr. Guoqing (Michael) Liu (C.V.), Assistant Professor, University of Canberra, Australia.

22.  Dr. Michael P. Malloy (C.V.), Distinguished Professor & Scholar, University of the Pacific, USA.

23.  Dr. Ignazio Masulli, Professor of Modern Europe History, University of Bologna, Italy.

24.  Mr. Athanasios Mihalakas (C.V.), Assistant Professor, The State University of New York, at Brockport, USA.

25.  Dr. Alice Mocanescu (C.V.), Independent Scholar, Greece.

26.  Dr. Lilach Nachum (C.V.), Professor, Baruch College, City University New York, USA.

27.  Dr. Scott Nelson (C.V.), Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech, USA.

28.  Mr. Javad Nikmoeen (C.V.), Lecturer, Shahrekord Medical University, Iran.

29.  Mr. Cezany Josef Olbromski (C.V.), Ph.D. Student, University of Maria Curie, Poland.

30.  Dr. Andrew Papadimos, (C.V.), Lecturer in International Business and Economics, Australian Catholic University, Australia.

31.  Dr. Annalisa Pavan (C.V.), Full Professor, University of Padova, Italy.

32.  Dr. Aditya Galih Prihartono (C.V.), Strategic Development Unit-Vice President, Citibank, Indonesia.

33. Dr. Rehana Qureshi-Hayat (C.V.), Associate Professor, Al-Ghurair University, UAE.

34.  Dr. Ioannis D. Salavrakos (C.V.), Visiting Lecturer, London Metropolitan University, U.K.

35.  Dr. Christopher Simon (C.V.), Associate Professor, University of Nevada, USA.

36.  Dr. George E. Skoulas (C.V.), Associate Professor, University of Macedonia, Economic & Social Science, Greece.

37.  Dr. Max Stephenson (C.V.), Director, Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance, USA.

38.  Ms. Oana-Camelia Stroescu (C.V.), Post-Doctoral Researcher, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi, Romania.

39.  Ms. Martina Topic (C.V.), Assistant Professor, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

40.  Dr. Johannes Tsheola (C.V.), Professor, University of Limpopo, South Africa.

41.  Dr. Nancy Anastasia Vamvakas (C.V.), Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

42.  Ms. Penelope Voutsina (C.V.), Ph.D. Student, University of Sheffield, U.K.

43.  Ms. Ana Vukovic (C.V.), Assistant Professor, University of Belgrade, Serbia. 



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