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Research Unit: Physics and Chemistry

Head (Acting): Dr. Nicholas Pappas (C.V.), Vice-President of Academics, ATINER & Professor, Sam Houston University, USA.

Upcoming Conferences:

         (information) 1st Annual International Conference on Physics and Chemistry, 22-25 July 2013, Athens, Greece

Other Conferences Sponsored by the Research Unit of Architecture & Engineering:

1.      (Information), 6th Annual International Conference on Business and Society in a Global Economy, 17-20 December 2012, Athens, Greece. A cross-disciplinary conference hosted by the five Academic Divisions of the Athens Institute for Education and Research.

2.      (Information) 13-16 May 2013, 8th Annual International Symposium on Environment, Athens, Greece.

3.      (Information) 15-18 July 2013, 6th Annual International Symposium on Agricultural Research, Athens, Greece.

Academic Members of the Physics and Chemistry Research Unit:

1.      Dr. Dimitris Argyropoulos (C.V.), Professor, North Carolina State University, USA.

2.      Dr. Athos Petrou (C.V.), Professor, State University of New York-Buffalo, USA.

3.      Dr. Ethel Petrou (C.V.), Professor and Chair, Department of Physics, Erie Community College-South, State University of New York, USA.

4.      Dr. Theophile Theopanides (C.V.), Honorary Professor, National Technical University of Athens, Greece & University of Montreal, Canada.

5.      Dr. Andreas Toupadakis (C.V.), Lecturer, UC Davis, USA.