5th Thought Leaders International Conference on Brand Management

6-7 April 2009 Athens Greece

Publication Policy



Papers presented at the conference may be considered for inclusion in an edited book that will be produced. Authors will have the benefit of revising their papers after their presentation, building on the feedback they receive and they might like to then submit their paper for the book devoted to the best papers from this conference. Only selected papers will be included in this book.


A copy of this edited book will be posted to all participants upon publication.


Authors who want to have their papers reviewed for inclusion in this book should follow the following guidelines:

      Length: up to 7,000 words (abstract, tables & bibliography excluded)

      First page should include your first name, family name, current position and affiliation plus an abstract of 250 words

      Font: Times New Roman

      Font size: 12

      Mirror Margins

      Mirror Images

      Margins: Top: 2.0cm, Bottom: 4.0cm, Inside: 4.0cm, Outside: 3.5cm, Header: 2.0cm, Footer: 2.5cm, Gutter: 0cm

      Size A4 (21cm x 29.7cm)

      Line spacing: Single

      Alignment: Justified


      Page numbers: Top of the page, to the right

      No space between paragraphs

      Don't use headers, footers, or sections.

      Use footnotes (no endnotes)

      Indentation: 3 Spaces


         Entire table on one page at the end of the paper

         Title on Top, w/this format: Table 3 Title of Table

         Title is Times New Roman, 12 pt.

         Title is directly above table with no space


       Entire figure on one page at the end of the paper

       Title on Top, w/this format: Figure 3 Title of Figure

       Title is Times New Roman, 12 pt.

       Title is directly above table with no space

      Sections Titles

       No title is alone on a page; some paragraph must exist beneath it

       Title: Times New Roman, 12pt Bold, Two spaces above, one below

       Subtitles: Times New Roman, 12 pt, Italics, One space above, one below

      Try to prevent references to other pages in the paper. If necessary, type 'see p. XXX' in the text and explain in a separate document to which part of the text you want to refer. Please be specific: mention page, paragraph and sentence.

      Use italics for non-English words, to emphasize text, and for all kinds of titles (books, plays, movies, and newspapers). Do not use italics to indicate quotes, for names of persons or organizations, or for geographical terms. Titles in italics are not put between quotation marks.

      Use single quotation marks for quotes. Use double quotation marks only for quotes inside quotes. Quotes up to two sentences are integrated in the text. Quotes longer than two sentences are set apart in a separate paragraph with special formatting. Shift the left margin 1 centimeter to the left, and use Times Roman 12 point as font. Add white lines above and beneath the quote. Use italics for quotes.

      When reporting quantitative results, please avoid excessive overlap between text and tables. There is no need to repeat in the text all of the numbers that appear in a table.

      Also avoid excessive overlap between the results section and the discussion/ conclusion section. The results section should contain what you found; and the discussion or conclusion section should contain your interpretation of what you found (not just repeat what is in the results section). If you would like to present results and discussion together, use a single section labeled results & discussion.

         References to the literature are indicated in the text by author's name and year of publication in parentheses, i.e., (Carey and de Souza, 1975). If the author's name is used within the text, then the year of publication in parentheses should immediately follow it, i.e. "Carey and de Souza (1975) state that...". Footnotes are not to be used; if the information is essential, please incorporate them within the body of the text. The following reference styles should be observed: Journal article. Carey Kenneth J. de Souza Joao B. A sort-rank test of predictive variables for stock splits. Journal of Business Research 1975; 3 (July): 178-188. (Be sure to cite all co-authors in a given reference.) Book. Holsti OR. Content Analysis for the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1969.

Chapter in an edited book. Rook Dennis. Researching consumer fantasy. In: Hirschman Elizabeth, editor. Research in Consumer Behavior, vol. 3. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, 1988. pp. 247-70. Theses, reports, and other unpublished works. Style as a journal article, with as much source information as possible.