5th Thought Leaders International Conference on Brand Management

6-7 April 2009 – Athens Greece

Guidelines for Authors (Conference Papers and Abstracts)



The deadline for the submission of papers or abstracts to the conference is 1st December 2008


Maximum Length

The maximum length of papers to be submitted is 7 pages, excluding title page, abstract/keywords and references.

The maximum length of abstracts to be submitted is 1 page.



Paper Formatting

All manuscript material should be typed single-spaced, one side only, in 12pt Times New Roman font. All margins should be 2.5cm.

Tables and references should be typed on separate pages. The title page should contain title, authors, and affiliations, including a complete address. A telephone number is sometimes helpful for contact during the review process.

In a full paper, an Abstract of 150 words or less and a list of four-six keywords should follow the title page. On page 3 of the manuscript repeat the title, but not the authors’ names, to permit anonymity during the reviewing process.

Mathematical notation: Please type all formulas for clarity. Identify any unusual symbol (anything besides roman, italic, or Greek) the first time it occurs. Distinguish between "0" (zero) and capital and lower case "O" (oh) and between lower case letter "l" (ell) and Arabic number "1" (one).




References to the literature are indicated in the text by author's name and year of publication in parentheses, i.e., (Carey and de Souza, 1975). If the author's name is used within the text, then the year of publication in parentheses should immediately follow it, i.e. "Carey and de Souza (1975) state that...". Footnotes are not to be used; if the information is essential, please incorporate them within the body of the text. The following reference styles should be observed: Journal article. Carey Kenneth J. de Souza Joao B. A sort-rank test of predictive variables for stock splits. Journal of Business Research 1975; 3 (July): 178-188. (Be sure to cite all co-authors in a given reference.) Book. Holsti OR. Content Analysis for the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1969.

Chapter in an edited book. Rook Dennis. Researching consumer fantasy. In: Hirschman Elizabeth, editor. Research in Consumer Behavior, vol. 3. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, 1988. pp. 247-70. Theses, reports, and other unpublished works. Style as a journal article, with as much source information as possible.