5th Thought Leaders International Conference on Brand Management

6-7 April 2009 Athens Greece

Activity Program



University of Glasgow Business School

The Centre for Research in Brand Marketing at University of Birmingham

The Athens Institute of Education and Research (ATINER)


Sponsored by:

International Journal of Advertising


Monday 6th April


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OPENING Welcome and Introduction

Cleopatra Veloutsou, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, University of Glasgow (UK)

Gregory T. Papanikos, Director of the Athens Institute of Education and Research (Greece)



Session 1.1

Brand Equity Measurement

Chair: Leslie de Chernatony, Honorary Professor of Brand Marketing, University of Birmingham (UK)

Dennis B. Arnett & James B. Wilcox, Measuring Brand Equity: Issues for Marketing Academicians and Practitioners

Isabel Buil, Eva Martínez & Leslie de Chernatony, Brand Equity: A Higher-Order Formative Measure

Luming Wang & Adam Finn, Structural Measurement Model of Consumer-based Brand Equity: A Generalizability Theory Approach

Session 1.2

Branding and the Organisation 1

Chair: Nina Iversen, , Associate Professor of Marketing, NHH, Bergen (Norway)

Carsten Baumgarth, Brand orientation: Model and results of a multi-sector study

Sofia Kioussi & Hedley Smyth, Brand Management in Design-led Firms: The Case of Achetecture Practices in the Design-Construction-Development

Richard Jones, Brand Governance: Developing a Framework for Safeguarding Brand Value

Aron O'Cass, Geoff Soutar & Bill Merrilees, Evaluating Alternative Brand Strategies for Success


Session 2.1

Brand Equity

Chair: Colin Jevons, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Monach University (Australia)

Eiren Tuusjärvi, Content and Sources of Brand Equity of an Ingredient Brand: A Comparison of Two Successful Cases" Tuusjärvi Eiren and Karppanen Pasi

Galina Ossipenko, The Development of Brand Equity in the B2B Context: Investigating the Differences between Market Segments

Marco S. Giarratana & Anna Torres, The Effects of Uncertainty Avoidance on Brand Performance: Brand Activities Creativity, Product Innovation and Brand Duration

Cleopatra Veloutsou & George Christodoulides, Brand Equity: Does Personality Congruence Matter?

Session 2.2

Branding and the Organisation 2

Chair: Dennis B. Arnett, Professor of Marketing, Texas Tech Unicersity (USA)

Christine Kittinger-Rosanelli & Günther Botschen, Brand-driven Change Management - An in-depth-case study based on Giddens Structuration Theory

Launis Katri & Anttila Mai, Internal Marketing and Brand Image Measurement in a High-Technology Organisation

Rico Piehler, Christoph Burmann & Christian Feddersen, Antecedents and Consequences of Brand Commitment in the Context of Internal Brand Management

Evelyn Kästner & Manfred Kirchgeorg, Antecedents and Consequences of Employee Creativity Implications for Employer Branding and Identity-based Brand Management




Session 3.1

Corporate Branding

Chair: Simon Knox, Professor of Marketing, Cranfield University (UK)

Dale Miller, Bill Merrilees & Holly Cooper, Sustainable Corporate Branding: A Typology

Nabil Ghantous, Stakeholders alignment in corporate branding: A research agenda

Gert-Olof Boström & Sofia Isberg, Mediating a Repositioned Corporate Brand at the Service Encounter - Brand Building in a Swedish Insurance Company


Session 3.2

Brands as Relationship builders

Chair: George Chistodoulides, Lecturer in Marketing, University of Birmingham (UK)

Marit Anti , When Hurt Hurt Most in Brand Relations

Sabrina Hegner, Fabian Stichnoth & Prof. Christoph Burmann, Management and effects of consumer-brand relationships

Ulrike Arnhold & Christoph Burmann, User Generated Branding: An exploration of a new field of study with special attention to its effects on the brand-consumer relationship

Eirini Bazaki & Cleopatra Veloutsou, Brand Communities, Subcultures of Consumption, Neo-Tribes: A Melange of Terminology


Session 4.1

Brand Extensions, Co-Branding

Chair: Bill Merrilees, Professor of Marketing, Griffith University (Australia)

Nina M. Iversen, Leif E. Hem & Leslie de Chernatony, Brand Extensions Evaluations: Influences of Global or Local Origin

Carsten Baumgarth, Are brand extension studies transferable across countries? A replication of the Hamburg Brand Extension Study?

Session 4.2

Place Branding and Brands in the Financial Sector

Chair: James B. Wilcox, Professor of Marketing, Texas Tech Unicersity (USA)

Johan van Rekom, Peeter Verlegh, Eirini Drakou , The cognitive causal mapping of destination brands: Methodology development and validation for Greece

Andreas Müller, Christoph Burmann & Tobias Recke, Place Branding What does it need to become a place icon?

Rafael Bravo, Jorge Matute & José M. Pina, Influence Of Consumer Perceptions On Satisfaction: An Application To Financial Institutions

Dahlia El-Manstrly, Robert Paton and Cleopatra Veloutsou, Customer Loyalty: what drives it in the UK Retail Banking Industry?


Tuesday 7th April


Room A

Room B


Session 5.1

Brand Identity 1

Chair: Anna Torres, Associate Professor, Pompeu Fabra University (Spain)

Darren Coleman, Leslie de Chernatony & George Christodoulides, Brand Identity: Scale Development and Validation

Roland H. Bartholmé & T C Melewar , Antecedents and Perceived Consequences of Auditory Identity Management: A Qualitative Examination of the Perspective of Practitioners

Manto Gotsi, Laurent Muzellec & Costas Andriopoulos, Managing Multiple Corporate Brand Identities in Corporate re-branding: The Role of Brand Architecture

Joana César Machado, Paulo de Lencastre & Pedro Dionísio, Corporate identity the management of the process of change in the name/logo in the context of brands merger

Session 5.2

Brand Positioning and Re-Positioning 1

Chair: Leif E. Hem, Associate Professor of Marketing, NHH, Bergen (Norway)

Céline Brandt, Charles Pahud de Montanges & Christian Bluemelhuber, Brand Concept Maps: A Method of Capturing Brand Image Confusion

Hsiu Ying Huang & Ming Huei Hsieh, A new Global Brand Positioning Strategy - The Process of Horizontal and Vertical Segment Combination

Wulf Stolle, Christoph Burmann & Sabrina Hegner, Global Brand Image Management in Heterogeneous Markets Culturally Moderated Effects in the International Perception and Evaluation of Brand Images



Session 6.1

Brand Identity 2

Chair: Manto Gotsi, Lecturer in Marketing, Brunel University (UK)

Elaine Wallace & Leslie de Chernatony, Creating and Implementing Brand Values in Irish Service Firms

Senka Borovac Zenak & Danijela Perkusic, Strategy of the Revitalization of Croatian Food Products using Emotional Branding

Salim L. AZAR & Denis Darpy, Brand Masculinity or Brand Masculinities? Toward a New Brand-Typology

Xuemei Bian, Luiz Moutinho & Jon Reast, Drop or Adopt? - Aakers (1997) Brand Personality Scales

Session 6.2

Brand Positioning and Re-Positioning 2

Chair: Johan van Rekom, Assistant Professor, ERASMUS University (The Netherlands)

Nebojsa St. Davcik, Giacomo Boesso & Francesco Favotto, The role of the price in brand differentiation: The case of the food industry

Uwe Schnetzer, Christoph Burmann, Christian Becker & Tilo Halaszovich, Influence of brand communication on capacity risk reduction in yield management

Tobias Recke, Christoph Burmann & Andreas Müller, Determination of brand repositioning intensity How to model repositioning intensity of brands

Christian Feddersen, Christoph Burmann & Tobias Recke, Brand Positioning An Agent-based Model simulating the effects of Repositioning-Strategies




Session 7.1

Special Session: Neuroscience in Marketing: empirical evidence of social and emotional meanings conveyed by brands

Luiz Moutinho, Founding Chair in of Marketing, University of Glasgow (UK)

José Paulo Santos, Institut ISMAI de Maia (Portugal)

Session 7.2

Green, Fair and non-profit Brand

Chair: Costas Andriopoulos, Lecturer in Marketing, Brunel University (UK)

Simon Knox & Iain Davies, Cafedirect: The Rise and Stall of a Fair Trade Pioneer Brand

Bridget James & Colin Jevons, Social marketing, ecopsychology, and the green brand

Richard Kerekeš, Prospective Brand Management of Non-profit Brands

Mari Juntunen (neé Ahonen), Saila Saraniemi and Riitta Jussila Corporate Re-branding in a Professional Health Care Organization


Closing: The Future of Brands A European Perspective

Chair: Cleopatra Veloutsou, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, University of Glasgow (UK)


Leslie de Chernatony, Honorary Professor of Brand Marketing, University of Birmingham (UK)

Eva Martínez, Professor of Marketing, University of Zaragoza (Spain)

George Panigyrakis, Professor of Marketing, Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece)

Daniel Tixier, Professor of Marketing, ESSEC Business School (France)