Title: Health Economics and Health Management

Editor: Dr. Sotirios Soulis


Table of Contents



1. Chung, W. Inequality, Public Health Provisions and Health.


2. Bouliotis, G. Conjoint Analysis in Health Service Research: Particular Application to Dentistry.

 3. Souliotis, K., A. Zavras & S. Soulis. The Financial Function of the Greek Health Sector.

4. Stubbs, K. & J.P. Graffy. The Role of the Practice Manager in Primary Care Research.

5. Ozolina, V. Economically Perspective Direction of Primary Health Care System – Self-Medication. Studies of Self-Medication in Latvia: What do they show?


6. Parker, E., & J. Wendel. WHO’s Assessment of Health Care Industry Performance: Rating the Rankings.

7. Costa-Font, J. & E. Mossialos. Ambivalent Individual Preferences for Biotechnology: Products or Processes?


8. Bruvere, L. Choice of Food, Motivation and Principles of its Purchasing

9. Fotaki, M. & E. Sioras. The Impact of the Market Oriented Reforms in the UK and Sweden: Case Study Cataract Surgery


10. Nelissen, J.H.M. & van Tits M.H.L. Income Redistribution by the Dutch Health Cost Insurances: A Lifetime Approach to Health Care Planning and Budget Regulations in the Netherlands



11. Pavlova, M., W. Groot & G. van Merode. University of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Appraising the Financial Reform in the Bulgarian public Health Care Sector: The health Insurance Act of 1998.

12. Papasolomou-Doukakis, I. Internal Marketing and Empowerment in Bureaucratic Organizations.

13. Papoutsis, J. & J. Dimopoulos. Computerized tools for improving Quality and Cost Outcomes in Healthcare Units


14. Melngaile, A. & I. Karlsone. Health Management at School