Academic Activities

Academic Members of ATINER may undertake one or more of the following activities:

  • Belong to 1 or 2 units of ATINER and based on academic merit they serve in the editorial board of ATINER’s academic journals.
  • Become an editor or associate editor of one of ATINER’s Academic Journals. Prior international experience with editing is required.
  • Referee papers submitted for publication in books and journals published by ATINER.
  • Edit books based on selected papers presented at one or more conferences organized by ATINER that have a common thematic focus. Prior international experience with editing is required.
  • Become a member of the scientific and organizing committee of the conference of the research unit they belong.
  • Organize mini (thematic) conferences as part of a more general conference (needs Board’s approval).
  • Propose and organize a new general conference (needs Board’s approval)
  • Organize special/invited conference sessions on topics of specific interest
  • Organize streams as part of the conferences (Click here for details).
  • Participate without a paper presentation to any conference or session without paying any fee subject to official approval. If a paper is presented, the fee must be paid.
  • Chair a session in a conference without paying any fee subject to availability (usually more demands than sessions and preferences are given to those who pay the registration fee).
  • Develop research bids in collaboration with other institutions. In case of a successful application, the principal investigator (project leader) assumes full responsibility for the management of the funds, while no deductions are made by ATINER.
  • Organize study tours in Greece for undergraduate or postgraduate students in collaboration with universities outside Greece.

Moreover, the academic members of ATINER are welcome to make proposals for the organization of any other activity that may broaden the academic undertakings of the Association. If you would like to express interest in engaging in one or more of the above activities or if you need any information/clarifications about the respective procedures involved, please contact Ms Katerina Maraki, President’s Executive Assistant, ATINER at