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Research Divisions & Research Units

The Association is organized into six research divisions and twenty-seven research units. (Please note that all members responsible for a division or a research unit is strictly a non-paid appointment)

A. Arts and Humanities Research Division

B. Human Development Research Division

C. Social Sciences Research Division

Academic Member Responsible:

Dr. David Philip Wick, Professor of History, Gordon College, USA.

Administrative/Research Assistants:

1.    Ms. Zoi Charalampous (C.V.)

Academic Member Responsible:

Dr. Mert Uydaci, Professor, Marmara University, Turkey.

Administrative/Research Assistants:

1.     Mr. Apostolos Kotsaspyrou (C.V.)

2.     Ms. Effie Stamoulara (C.V.)

Academic Member Responsible:

Dr. Ioannis Stivachtis, Director, Int'l Studies Program Virginia Tech-Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA.

Administrative/Research Assistants:

1.    Ms. Despoina-Eirini Katzoli (C.V.)

2.    Ms. Ioanna Trafali (C.V.)

1.    History Research Unit

2.    Languages & Linguistics Research Unit

3.    Literature Research Unit

4.    Philosophy Research Unit

5.    Visual and Performing Arts Research Unit

1.    Education Research Unit

2.    Health Research Unit

3.    Sports Research Unit

4.    Tourism Research Unit

1.      Economics Research Unit

2.      Sociology Research Unit

3.      Psychology Research Unit

4.      Politics & International Affairs Research Unit

5.      Mass Media & Communication Research Unit



D. Business and Law Research Division

E. Natural & Formal Sciences Research Division

F. Engineering & Architecture Research Division

Academic Member Responsible:

Dr. Michael P. Malloy, Distinguished Professor, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, USA.

Administrative/Research Assistants:

1.    Ms. Mariza Arvaniti (C.V.)

2.    Mr. Vasilis Charalamboboulos (C.V.)

 Academic Member Responsible (Acting):

Dr. Panagiotis Petratos, Professor of Computer Information Systems, California State University, Stanislaus, USA.

Administrative/Research Assistants:

1.    Ms. Olga Gkounta (C.V.)

Academic Member Responsible: Dr. Nicholas N. Patricios, Professor & Dean Emeritus, School of Architecture, University of Miami, USA.

Administrative/Research Assistants:

1.    Accounting & Finance Research Unit

2.    Management Research Unit

3.    Marketing Research Unit

4.    Law Research Unit

1.      Agriculture Research Unit

2.      Environment  Research Unit

3.      Chemistry Research Unit

4.      Physics Research Unit

5.      Formal Sciences Research Unit

6.      Computer Research Unit

1.       Architecture Research Unit

2.       Civil Engineering Research Unit

3.       Industrial Engineering Research Unit